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Top 10 Roofing Companies in Nevada



Roofs can be understood best by knowing when they’ll need to be replaced, repaired, or replaced. It is crucial to determine when your roof needs fixing and in what condition it’s in to act fast.

A roof that needs an entire replacement isn’t going be many benefits in the event that all parts aren’t replaced completely. It won’t be enough to repair the entire vehicle. The owner could be paying for more repairs later. Let’s take a look at some of the most reliable roofing options in Nv.

Prestige roofing:

Prestige Roofing will welcome you with a warm and professional welcome. They’re ready to answer your questions about our services. With more than 25 years of experience in the field and successfully completed projects across Southern Nevada with every type of roofing material that you can imagine, we are one of the top roofing companies in Las Vegas.


Prestige Roofing specializes in protecting your home from harsh elements. They also offer products like custom copper roofs and metal shingle covers that protect distinctive homes.

Flynn Roofing:

A mid-sized, family-owned firm that specializes in residential roofing since 1997, the mission of Flynn Roofing Co. is to give our customers complete satisfaction every time along with exceptional customer service. We are fully insured, with worker’s compensation is included. We promise to answer all phone calls in a timely manner and respond to every question in a timely manner until you are satisfied as well. We are proud members of the Northeast Roofing Contractors Association and Better Business Bureau.

Great Basin Roofing:

Roofs are an important element of home maintenance. They protect homeowners from the elements, and they can last for decades with proper care. It is essential that homeowners select a reliable roofing contractor with many years of experience and all the necessary certifications and insurances. They can also guarantee excellent workmanship on each task. Our company specializes in the installation of shingle roofs that are durable & safe. We’ve been providing our services for more than 10 years and haven’t had any complaints or grievances about us!

RC Roofing

Family-owned and operated, we stand by our work and are committed to the integrity of our customers. We offer over sixteen years of industry experience roofing installations of asphalt shingles, replacements, and repairs. We customize our services to each project, paying attention to every aspect and focusing on the end result.


You will be satisfied since we take great care during each step towards creating long-lasting relationships with our customers by tailoring every aspect of your work regardless of how large or small in comparison to the other factors involved making sure that everything works perfectly, even if there are some adjustments that need to be made at some point.

Advosy roofing

Advosy Nevada Roofing can make your roof more resilient to the elements. It is a reputable company in Reno which can assist you to build or fix any kind of roof.


Are you looking to keep your exterior in good shape? Call on one of our knowledgeable team members today to discuss residential re-roofs by excellent contractors that have served Northern NV since 1991. We are committed to providing high-quality Nv roofing services at reasonable prices. No matter how big or small the project we can satisfy any budget while keeping high standards from beginning to completion. We’ll take care of each step of the process whether it’s fixing damage caused by hail storms, or helping homeowners select shingles.

Burke Roofing Inc.

Burke Roofing Inc. specializes in new installations, inspections, and repairs for roofing of homes in Reno, NV. The company also provides comprehensive solutions for homeowners who have tile roofs as well as certified installation of skylights which makes it a great option if you’re planning to undertake some home improvement.

CTR Roofing

Our expertise in siding and roofing spans over 15 years. We serve the entire Northern Nevada area and are willing to travel more than 100 miles to serve our clients. We’ll treat your company or home as if they were our family, so give us call now!

In 2007, we started this industry when we realized that the market needed quality customer service and top-of-the-line products at reasonable prices. These are qualities you’d expect from an industrial firm but have never received – up to the present. Many people believe that this is the reason that led them to doing business with us nearly immediately when they first met us. Don’t hesitate to ask any of our knowledgeable staff to answer your questions about your roof.

Giant Roofing:

Giant Roofing, LLC offers various roofing services. They include roof repair as well as the installation of commercial and residential roofs

Your roof is one of the most crucial components of your building as it protects it from damaging elements like heavy rain or UVB radiations that block insulation from deflecting sunlight. Due to the importance of your roof is for protecting you from these threats, it is essential to ensure that it’s in good working order that is why companies like giant rooftop LLC help with their various options including fixing them, i.e. repairs, installations, etc.

New Era Roofing:

The top roofing service Sparks Roofers is a full-service firm that is specialized in commercial and residential roofing services. You can depend on our specialists when it comes to repairing or replacement of your roof! There’s no job too big for us to tackle.

Our mission at Sparks Roofers is simple: give our customers the same high level of service that we ourselves expect to receive by providing high-quality results every time! If you’d like more information about any of our expertly provided services, contact us!

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