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Tips to Fertilize Your Lawn



It is possible to fertilize your lawn by incorporating creative green landscaping, and you will get the densest and strong form of turf. This will keep the lawn green and provide weeds with a chance to fight.


Fertilizer spreader that is mounted on a rotating spreader

Before filling a rotary spreader’s hopper, make sure that it’s closed. To catch any fertilizer which has escaped then you could fill the hopper up with a Tarp.


Nitrogen is the most vital component of any lawn, and different types of grass require different quantities to achieve the highest level of development and efficiency. The frequency you fertilize your lawn will affect the appearance and maintenance of your lawn. For instance the more fertilizer you apply the more time you’ll need to cut your lawn.

Utilizing an Rotary Spreader or Broadcast Spreader

When feeding larger lawn areas, a broadcast or rotary spreader is ideal. Be sure that the hopper is closed before filling it. It’s a good idea to put it in a tarp so that any spilled fertilizer can be quickly collected. Apply fertilizer to the lawn’s perimeter first. Then proceed around the grass in a systematic way. You can apply the strips in a slightly overlapping fashion to ensure equal fertilizer coverage.

Make use of a drop spreader

Drop spreaders are ideal to distribute fertilizer. To ensure proper coverage, make sure to overlap each step by a small amount. Cover the hopper after each cycle. Drop spreaders will cost more, but it’s worth it when your lawn is average in size. If you spill fertilizer onto your lawn, remove what you can, then make use of a stiff broom to spread out any remaining fertilizer to the greatest extent possible. To transfer nitrogen from the soil into the root zone, ensure that you water it thoroughly.

Utilizing a handheld Broadcast Spreader

For lawns with small amounts, a handheld broadcast spreader is a great option. Walk evenly and gently and ensure that you overlap distribution patterns slightly with every pass. This small spreader is ideal for areas of the shaded lawn that require a higher fertilizer level than areas in the sun. Some fertilizers incorporate herbicide with the lawn food. These products are advertised as weed-and-feed lawn care products and are applied using the grass spreader.

With a Handheld, Pre-Calibrated Spreader that is powered by a Battery

Handheld, battery-powered, pre-calibrated spreaders make application a cinch for smaller gardens. Simply turn a switch and walk around your lawn. This type of spreader handheld is perfect for small gardens or areas where a conventional lawn spreader with a push would be difficult to control, such as slopes.

Get expert advice on watering and lawn irrigation.

It is important to thoroughly water your lawn for a few days before applying fertilizer. After the grass has dried then apply fertilizer. Then, you can water it lightly. This is essential as it assists in removing fertilizer from the grass blades and deposits it into the soil. To allow the rain to enrich soil, fertilizers can be applied during rainstorms. Be sure to not apply fertilizer just prior to a rainstorm or else the fertilizer could disappear, particularly when your grass is sloped. Don’t apply fertilizer to grass that has become brown or has wilted due to the lack of water.


Grasscycling refers to the practice of leaving grass clippings on your lawn after they have been cut. These clippings can be used to fulfill 25 percent of your lawn’s fertilization needs and will help you save both time and cash. A minimum of three to four pounds of nitrogen can be obtained from one hundred yards of grass clippings. A half-acre of lawn in a zone of temperate like Pennsylvania generates more than three tons of grass clippings per year, thus grasscycling can aid in the growth of your lawn. For grasscycling, you don’t need a specific mulching mower however, you may need to replace your existing mower blade with a mulching blade, which cuts grass into smaller pieces that decompose quicker.

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