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Getting Your Restaurant Roof Repaired

Dec 2

When your restaurant roof needs repair, you need to choose the right type for the structure. The wrong type can absorb the materials produced inside your restaurant and can cause further damage. A poorly maintained restaurant roof is also more likely to sustain further damage in the future. You should have it checked regularly to avoid problems.

Exhaust fan grease box

A properly installed exhaust fan is essential for preventing rooftop grease buildup. This corrosive substance causes unnecessary fire hazards and can damage a restaurant's roof. These fans are designed to remove grease vapours from the kitchen, but if the grease reaches the blades, it will leak onto the roof. A professional installer will use proper installation techniques that meet local electrical codes, the Occupational Safety and Health Act, and National Fire Protection Association Bulletin 96.

Poor wastewater management can also cause grease buildup on the roof. Restaurant staff should ensure proper maintenance of the kitchen exhaust system. If the fan is leaking, check for improper grease seals. If the duct curb is not sealed properly, grease can leak from the base of the fan. Also, grease leaks can occur in the duct curb and fan reservoir. A properly installed exhaust fan grease box can catch these leaks and prevent them from becoming a serious issue.

When the grease buildup is heavy, it can cause the rooftop fan to fail to function. Heavy grease can cause the fan's blades to bend, throwing it off balance and not sucking air. Additionally, grease buildup can upset the air balance in the restaurant, causing the air conditioning to work harder than necessary to maintain a constant cool temperature. This can lead to higher electric bills.

Choosing a type of roof

There are a few different types of roofing material you can choose for your restaurant's roof. If you have a country theme or just want a rustic appeal, cedar shake roofing may be the way to go. This natural wood roofing has a longer history in residential applications, and it can give your restaurant a more traditional look. Its rustic appearance is not as uniform as clay tiles, but it has a timeless appeal.

Repairing a restaurant roof

Properly maintaining the roof of a restaurant is essential to keeping the business running smoothly and efficiently. A poorly maintained roof can cause severe problems that can cost the business a great deal of money. Not only can a leaking roof ruin the reputation of a restaurant, it can also lead to a temporary halt to business. Furthermore, a leaking roof will cause considerable damage to the furnishings and food inside the restaurant.

Restaurant roofs are subject to extensive wear and tear over the years. Moreover, if the roof is not properly maintained, it may absorb materials produced inside the establishment, which will cause more damage. As such, it is critical that a restaurant hires an experienced roofing company that will properly repair its roof.

Restaurant roofs are particularly vulnerable to leaks, and grease from the kitchen can clog grease traps, causing backflow. The grease can also combine with other debris, causing clogs and backups that can lead to further damage to the roof. A leaking roof also poses a risk to employees and customers, as grease leaks can lead to a major fire.

Cost of repairs

Inspecting the roof of your restaurant for damage and leaks is an important part of keeping your business operating smoothly. A bad roof can drive away customers or ruin the reputation of your establishment. Before adding any new items, have your roof checked by a professional roofing company. A reputable company such as Technique Roofing specialises in commercial roof repairs.

Leaks are a common problem for restaurant roofs. A leaky roof can cause contamination in utensils, food, and prep areas. Even worse, it can corrode the roofing materials. And leaks and moisture aren't always immediately noticeable. They can create a damp environment that can attract mice and other vermin.