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The Art of Wood Statue Carving

Aug 27

Wood sculpture carving is an extremely ancient art. It is a great method to commemorate a loved one. It is a form of woodworking which uses the chisel and cutting tools. Traditional methods call for two hands for holding a chisel, or a mallet. This results in a wooden statue or figurine that has sculptural embellishments.

Gregor Erhart

Gregor Erhart, a Gothic sculpturer of the latter part of his life was educated in the workshop of his father. The father of his, Michael Erhart was an Ulm sculpturer who worked from 1469 and 1522. His work was second only to Hans Multscher. He also assisted in the training of Tilman Riemenschneider, who went to work in Wurzburg. While it is difficult to distinguish the early work of Gregor Erhart from his father's work, it's clear that they were in close cooperation in the Blaubeuren Altarpiece that is a stunning piece of art that is that is in the Ulm style.

Between 1515 and 1520, Erhart created the statue of the saint of. Mary Magdalene, who was a naked ascetic. The statue was constructed of lime tree wood. The Renaissance redefined the statue as an image of a naked woman. The Renaissance's rinascimental style affected the style of Erhart.

Giles Newman

Giles Newman started his career as graphic designer and photographer before turning to wood carving. Since then, he's created spoons, jewelry and sculptures using the fallen wood of North Wales forests. The artist sells his work around the world and also teaches his techniques in workshops across the UK. This article will explore his creative process and showcase some of his work.

Newman started wood carving as a child's dream. He was a graphic artist who lived in the city of New York, however he was a fan of escaping to the forest his father was the owner of. He would clean the path and stream of debris and revel in the peace and tranquility of the woods. He began collecting tiny pieces of wood and make use of them to sharpen his cutting edges. Newman observed his fellows making spoons from wood, and decided to take the same pattern.

Nino Orlandi

Nino Orlandi, an exceptional artist is the one to be looking for. Italian wood sculpture artist Nino Orlandi is a self-taught artist. The last 13 years were dedicated to pursuing his passion and perfecting his art. His work includes The Book of Life and The Magic Mountain. His Facebook page provides additional information on his work.

Nino Orlandi's wood-based sculptures have an enchanting impact. The intricate details of the wood will be captivating. The work of Nino Orlandi is both artistically stunning and technically perfect. The Winter issue of Woodcarving Illustrated includes his wood sculptures.


In 1905 in 1905, the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago bought the Ruatepupuke sculpture made of wood. The carving is an early instance of East Coast carving. It is known by its high relief and beautiful carvings on the front facade. In 1905, Ruatepupuke II was purchased by the Field Museum. Since then, it's been used to teach as well as other exhibits in the museum.

The style of carving, which is known as whakairo, is a reflection of Maori culture. It tells the story of Ruatepupuke's son Te Manuhauturuki, who was abducted by Tangaroa the god of the sea. Ruatepupuke began an expedition to find the man after he was taken to a house that was hidden beneath the ocean.

Giles Newman's Saint Mary Magdalene

Three weeks ago, I was in London at the time that the New Year began. The skies were cloudy and rainy. I was partially prevented by an British telecom truck that prevented me from viewing the statue of Newman near Brompton Oratory. I also visited the recently renovated interior of Butterfield's All Saints, Margaret Street on my trip to London.

Danish oil finish

Applying applying a Danish oil coating to your wooden sculpture gives it a stunning appearance. It is a safe natural coating that gets deep into the wood. It sets to form an outer layer of protection that resists water and chipping. Danish oil is available in a variety of shades. It can be applied using a brush or cloth. The oil should be applied for approximately 30 minutes. Then, take off the excess oil and allow it to dry for at least eight hours. It will give a matte appearance that is amazing on any statue after it has dried.

To safeguard the finish of the wood To protect the wood's finish, apply Danish oil to wood statues. Since wood may appear oily when you apply several layers of poly, it's recommended to use only one coat. A single coat of poly is enough if you don't desire the wood to appear shiny. It is recommended to wait at least six hours before you apply the final layer of Danish oil to the statue you want to sculpt.

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