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How to fix a leak on a flat roof

Mar 28

How to fix a leak on a flat roof

When maintaining a commercial building, there are many problems you will face as an owner or operator. You will need to keep the snow and grass clean, as well as other general maintenance tasks. However, a flat roofing repair in Mesa can prove to be a difficult task.

Apart from the fact you are decreasing the value of your building due to problems, the next thing to do is locate roofing contractors in my region to resolve the problem. Arizona's local roofing companies may be able to provide roofing services. This is why it is essential to do your homework and find the best contractor.

How to Locate a Leak in a Flat Roof

A few things to remember when inspecting a flat rooftop for leaks. First, wait for the roof's drying time. It should dry for three days. A flat roof that has not been properly dried can release heat under the hole. You will be able to identify the problem. You should mark any leaks you find so you have them handy when you solve your problems.

Take a measurement starting from the outside wall and ending at the spot in question. If the roof slopes, you will find that there isn't any ponding damage to the roof above the problem area.

Once you have located the problem area, verify that it is properly installed. Problems can arise from loose flashing or cracked materials such as tar. Roofs can be affected by the heat from the sun. This can cause them to contract and expand, which can eventually lead to roof damage and water entry. Take away all roof debris to expose any possible water entry points. Make sure you also inspect the seams of the roof membrane.

How to fix a leaky flat roof

You must first clear your roof of any debris before you attempt to fix a leak. This will help you determine the extent of your problem and guide you in the repair process. A few safety tips are needed when repairing a roof. Make sure that all exits are clear and they aren't slippery. Hi-vis clothing should be worn. Also, when you use a pressure washer or the hose to clean the roof, make sure the trailer is not in your way.


To identify the root causes of roofing problems, it is necessary to inspect every area of the roof. It is important to pay attention to certain areas, such as the drains on the roof. If they become clogged with debris, it can cause water to pool on the roof and allow water to get in. Next, check for signs of repair such as patches. They are temporary solutions that can cause water damage to your building. These seams are crucial and must hold strong to protect the building's interior. Last, but not least, inspect the collars or flashings on the roof for signs of cracking and deterioration.


The Repair Cycle

Asphalt Flat Roof Repair

Cracks or blisters on an asphalt roof are most commonly caused by moisture trapped in the tar. Rustoleum is a quick and easy solution. Long-term, a roof felt patch must be installed that has been heated and melded.

Concrete Flat Roof Repair

Concrete can crack and cause leaks. Make sure you remove all surface wear before inspecting the roof for cracks. You can temporarily fix the damage with a bitumen primer or bitumen-based paint. To make the repair permanent, torch the roofing felt at the spot where the crack is to seal it against the elements.


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