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What lighting do bearded dragons need?

Dec 31

Bearded dragons can only regulate their body temperature by being ectothermic. Your bearded dragon needs to be able to bask in a place with sufficient lighting.

The year determines what kind of lighting bearded drakes need. In winter, bearded dragons need UVB to produce vitaminD. When it is warmer outside bearded dragons won't need UVB as they can get enough vitamin C from the sunlight. In this situation, you would only need UVA lighting.

UVB light helps bearded drakes produce vitamin D. UVA light is used to make bearded Dragons feel happy, relaxed and energized.

Pet lizards use UVB to make Vitamin D3 in skin. Vitamin D3 promotes calcium absorption in the body, which helps to maintain healthy bones. Insufficient UVB lighting can cause serious problems if there are not enough levels. This can result in multiple illnesses, bone deformities and seizures, as well as death.

Vitamin D3 plays a vital role in your pets' healthy diet. All-glass enclosures for reptiles and lizards are a good choice because of their quality construction and low price. By providing sufficient UV exposure, your animal will be healthy. This is particularly important when you house more than one adult in the same cage.

UVB lighting does not penetrate glass. UVB light cannot penetrate glass. It is therefore important to remove your bearded drake from the vivarium. You can accomplish this by exposing your bearded drake to natural sunlight and using a basking light for reptiles that emits both UVA/UVB light.

Doing so will make your pet happier and more energetic, while also conserving energy. These tips will help you set up your bearded-dragon tank or livearium. Talk to your vet before making drastic changes in your bearded's daily routine.

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