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What are some of the most common Gutter-related Myths Residential Roofing Contractors Have to deal with?

Dec 7

The gutter system that is on your roof may have served you well for many years, but you may forget the importance they bring to your roof. The gutter systems are quite simple and use basic physics principles to move water away. However, there are many misconceptions concerning the gutter system. Residential roofing contractors such as ours at Melos Construction routinely have to confront gutter-related myths that stop homeowners from taking good treatment of them. The myths arise from faulty research and a lack of understanding about gutters and their functions in the majority of instances. gutter company Indianapolis can provide exact information to anyone seeking our assistance. But posting a blog article is the best method to debunk these misconceptions. For those who may be wondering what is the truth behind the gutter-related myths, we have created this helpful article, and we encourage you to keep reading.

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Common Gutter Related Myths Debunked by Melos Construction

We've been in the roofing industry for a number of years, and we are familiar with many myths regarding gutters. The gutter specialists at Melos Construction believe in transparency and that there is no excuse for misinformation regarding something as delicate as your roof. These are the most common myths about gutters and what's the truth about them.

You must continue to use your old gutters for as long as possible:

One common misconception about channels is that you should remain with your gutters for as long as possible. However, the truth is that old gutters aren't as effective at removing water compared to more modern models. Leaks and poor water flow can also cause severe damage to other structures like walls or sidings. Our top Residential Roofing Contractors suggest that you replace your old ones with modern ones, saving you thousands of dollars


One-piece gutters work better than contemporary two-piece designs.

Also, we must dispel the idea that single-piece rain gutters of the past are superior to current two-piece gutters. Because one-piece gutters comprise a single piece, you must replace the entire channel in case the top portion is damaged. It is different with two-piece gutters. If they are damaged, you can repair the top part since two-piece gutters are made from the separate top and bottom portions. It is not just easier to repair two-piece gutters but it also costs less compared to replacing an entire gutter system. This is why it is incorrect to claim that one-piece gutters are superior to two-piece gutters. If you're in search of reliability and security and security, a two-piece rain gutter is the best option.

Gutter guards stop cleaning gutters

Gutter guards are very popular with homeowners as they offer total protection against clogs. Gutter guards are sought-after because they are able to provide complete protection from clogs. However, it is vital to keep your gutters clean to ensure that small objects don't get stuck.

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